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Smart wallets

    I usually use a credit card while purchasing something. The main disadvantage of using credits cards is that it is difficult to monitor spent money.
    I want to have a wallet which will inform me about all changes with my bank account and will adjust to the sum of money available:
      * It will vibrate / beep each time a transaction take place;
      * When there isn't much money in bank account the wallet will resist its opening;
      * It will swell and shrink to reflect the balance in bank accounts.
    The wallet will work by communicating with the owner's mobile device via Bluetooth, using its data to pull financial information from bank accounts.
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Aleeady exists for the most part (edit | delete)
Claim two was created at the mit mesia lab a couple years back claim 1 and 3 would require  ridiculous amounts of tech making the wallet unmarketable think again
There is a reason monitoring is difficult
Credit Card companies want you to spend freely without restrictions. They know that giving you an accurate up-to-date picture will make you spend less. That's how they get you on the debt hook and make profits by charging sky-high interest rates!
The real solution would require a whole new open-sourced monetary/banking/financial system based on transparency and open interfaces, without closed for-profit systems. And when is that going to happen?
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