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Funny suitcase stickers

    Do you like your ordinary suitcase? Don't you want to make it unusual? I can suggest you funny suitcase stickers as a solution. There are nine humorous pictures, which can allow tourists to stand out from gray and dismal crowds at the airports or train stations, as well as to cope better with any troubles of travelling such as delays or a long customs examination.
    For example, there are stickers with the image of money, drugs, tied woman, sex toys in the Suitcase Stickers collection.
    In addition, you can find one more obvious benefit from these stickers - they make your suitcase memorable that reduces the risk of its stealing or loss and increases the chances for its quick search of the luggage belt, for example.
    Size of funny stickers is standard (16' x 12') which makes them versatile stickers for any travel bag. The stickers are sold at the price of $15.
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