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Nanny Placement Service

  Nanny Placement Service business. Ease concerned parents' fears with quality childcare professionals.

  Business Overview

  Operating your own nanny placement service can be a magnificent way to build a prosperous business. Nanny services are in high demand, and busy parents often have no choice but to pay the costs associated with having a nanny care for their children.
  There are three major roles to be filled by a nanny service. The first is locating parents who are seeking the services of a professional nanny. The second rolse is that of an employment screener. You'll want to carefully examine the nannies' resumes, and carry out reference and background checks to make sure they're suitable candidates. The third task is simple: place qualified nannies with parents who seek their services.
  There are various ways to charge for nanny placement services. A one-time fee paid by the parents is the simplest and most straightforward renumeration option. There are other options, such as a percentage of the nanny's wages, but this can be complicated and even lead to potential liability situations.

  The Market

  You will need to attract both nannies and parents to your service. Your service will likely do better in an affluent area.
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