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Outdoor Beach Lockers

  Outdoor Beach Lockers business.

  Business Overview

  There has always been one drawback to sunbathing at the beach. Where do you put your car keys when your bathing suit does not have any pockets? Even worse, you have spent the morning shopping and now you want to go for a swim. The only problem is if you leave your new purchases laying around there is no doubt that someone will walk off with them. Outdoor-secured storage lockers can be an amazingly profitable rental business to start. The locations these portable storage lockers can be installed are endless and include beaches, public markets, parks, arenas, fitness centers, trade shows, and sports playing fields, just to mention a few.
  start-up costs: This is definitely not a cheap business to start in terms of capital requirements. You can purchase prebuilt storage lockers like the ones at airports. Or, you can design your own lockers to better suit the areas you will be installing the lockers at. One idea may be to have number pads installed on each individual locker that would enable the user to punch in their own entry code upon depositing the coins. This method of locker access would be great, as it does not require the user to carry, and possibly lose, the locker key. Investment range is $20,000+.
  profit potential: Assume each locker stand has 30 separate lockers that are used twice a day at a cost of $2. Each locker stand could generate $120 per day. Now, if you had only three of these portable storage locker units in place, your business revenue could be as much as $130,000 annually. Additional considerations may be to arrange a revenue split with the various locations where the storage lockers can be installed. Splitting revenues will cost you money in terms of the bottom line. However, it may be a method that you can use to secure the best possible installation location for the storage lockers.
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