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How to massage

    Massage is usually started and ended with stroking. It increases the body temperature, accelerates the blood and lymph circulation, facilitates the work of sudoriferous and sebaceous glands, improves metabolism.
    Rubbing can assist in callosity and indurations resolution. It also accelerates the local blood circulation. Apply rubbing to ease or eliminate pain and restore joints and ligaments functions after fractures, dislocations and sprains.
    Petrissage influences on soft tissues, strengthens muscles and improves tone.
    Vibration affects the peripheral nerves. Vibrating moves possess pain-relieving effect. By regulating the force of vibration, one can beneficially affect the internal organs, heart, stomach and intestine.
    With the help of "hitting" techniques such as hachement, slapping and percussion you increase the cortex excitability, provide the blood flow to the massaged body and enhance the endocrine glands function.
    The influence of force techniques such as shaking and pushing is even stronger. These techniques are used exclusively for sports massage.
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