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Operation-SHOCK (Adult version)

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Most of you Im sure have played the classic board game Operation. You know the one where you are the doctor and you have to remove bones and such from the nerdy looking fellow on the operating table with a pair of tweezers all without touching the sides and making the buzzer light up...Well for some of you thats enough to entertain you and a couple of friends for a good 45 minutes or so but there are some of us that need alittle more than a blinking red light and a buzzer to be able to have a good time. Thats why I came up with Operation-SHOCK. When you mess up and touch  the sides while taking out the specified body part you get a SHOCK that will have you saying:  "WHOEEE my lips are numb"  Its the ultamate drinking game and will entertain you and your friends for hours at a time day after day party after party weekend after weekend. Play it on the weekend with a couple of your drinking buddies ( 21yrs or older of course) and not only will they will be talking about it all week but they will return the next weekend with beer in hand.
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