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Dog Obedience Service

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  Dog Obedience Service business. If you have a way with animals, try teaching dogs to obey.

  Business Overview

  Dogs are man's (and woman's) best friends. But when they chew everything in sight, pee on the carpet or threaten the mailman with bodily harm, they can seem more like man's worst trial. But if you love dogs, you can communicate the rules of pet etiquette and teach them (and their owners) to overcome antisocial behaviors, then you can give every dog its day and make its owner happy as a dog obedience trainer.
  You can teach general obedience with classes of a dozen or so students, give individual heel-and-toe lessons at your pupils' homes, or specialize in hard-core cases where you're as much a pet psychiatrist as a trainer.
  The advantages to this business are that you can start on a shoestring, part time if you like, and if you're a dog lover, you can't do much better than a business where you're surrounded by puppies and pooches every working day.
  The premier qualifications for this business are a genuine love of dogs and the innate ability to communicate with them. You'll also need terrific people skills because you're training not only dogs, but also their owners. You must be able to teach old and new owners new tricks to help their dogs behave, or you won't have accomplished your job.
  To go along with all this, you'll need a healthy dose of self-confidence, and you should have a good working knowledge of dog psychology.

  The Market

  Your clients will be dogs and their owners who want general obedience training like heeling and coming on command, as well as problem personalities who need help with chewing, biting, furniture-watering and other unpleasant activities.
  The best way to get business is by establishing relationships with veterinarians, groomers, humane society facilities and pet-store people. Introduce yourself, ask for referrals and leave plenty of cards and brochures for them to hand out to prospective customers. You can also network among local dog breeders, give seminars and workshops at local colleges and community centers, and write articles for local publications.

  Needed Equipment

  This is a terrific shoestring startup operation -- all you need are your own skills and experience.
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