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Flea Market Organizer

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  Flea Market Organizer business. Bring great deals to the masses by organizing a flea market.

  Business Overview

  Flea markets are a multibillion-dollar business in the United States, and here is your opportunity to cash in on the boom by becoming a weekend flea market organizer and manager. Get started by renting commercial space in a highly visible area with lots of passing traffic, one that is large enough to be subdivided into smaller vendor booths'10-by-10, 10-by-20, and 20-by-20. If climate permits or during summer months, and if space allows, extra revenues can be earned by renting outside vendor stalls as well. Rents vary depending on factors such as booth size, location, equipment (tables included, etc.), and hours of operation, but generally are in the range of $3 to $10 per square foot per day. When booking vendors, try for a wide variety of products that will be offered for sale'antiques, electronics, kitchenware, food items, clothing, tools, toys, art and sporting goods. Doing so will ensure broad appeal to a large target audience of flea market shoppers. Additional revenues can be earned by charging a gate fee, parking fees, having an onsite ATM, renting equipment and providing shoppers with delivery services for the large items they buy. But be careful not to get too caught up in extra fees, because the bread and butter of the operation is booth rent. Vendor occupancy is much more important than charging a dollar to park. The investment to get this business up and running can be significant, once costs such as rent, deposits, renovations, equipment, signage and marketing have been taken into account. But with that said, the profit potential is excellent, as are the long-term growth opportunities.
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