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Hardwood Floor Sanding

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  Hardwood Floor Sanding business. You'll always cover your tracks with a hardwood floor sanding business.

  Business Overview

  Many do-it-yourself homeowners are more than happy to stain hardwood floors. However, when it comes to sanding new hardwood floors or sanding off old finishes and scratches from old hardwood floors, that's another story entirely. Let's face it, sanding hardwood floors can be a backbreaking task, not to mention the fact that it requires a certain amount of experience, skill, and ability to sand the floors correctly. Perhaps these are good reasons for starting your own hardwood floor sanding service. As previously mentioned, there is a skill requirement that must be taken into account. However, with practice on your own hardwood floors, this skill can definitely be learned in a relatively short period of time. To keep start-up costs to a minimum you can rent the required floor sanding equipment as needed, until the business is profitable and established. Generally, floor sanding is billed on a per square foot basis, so you will want to check current rates in your local area. Successfully marketing a hardwood floor sanding service can be achieved by promoting your service to the end user or by subcontracting your services to local construction and renovation companies. Once the business is established, the owner-operator of this type of specialty construction service should have no problems in creating a yearly income in the range of $40,000 to $50,000.
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