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More efficient, humane work schedule

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  - 30 hour work week is standard. Jobs would offer both a 5AM to 11AM shift or a 1PM to 7PM shift. (Restaurants, bars would have different shifts.)
- Traffic on roads reduced as there are half the commuters on road at same time (except at lunch time).
- Families wouldn't need daycare. One worker in morning shift, other in evening.
- Go-getters, renaissance people can manage having two full-time jobs in completely different fields.
- Stores are open when you're not working.
- Greater worker efficiency, satisfaction (fewer hours, better work).
- Lunch can be enjoyed at home as family.
- Businesses are open for longer hours, making it easier to get things done, across multiple time zones.
- People can enjoy a good part of the daylight hours.
- Companies need less rental space for same job.
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