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Folk remedies for snoring

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    It's a well-known fact that snoring is dangerous to life. Moreover, it is a real disaster for family members to live with a person who snores.
My struggle with snoring was to the death. At first I tried the following exercise: it is necessary to pronounce the letter "E" with an effort 30 times a day. I began to follow the instruction but then I either forgot about it for a few days or had a sore throat.
    Then my wife found a popular remedy for snoring: "Take a fresh cabbage leaf and finely crumble it. Then mix with honey. You can also take a glass of fresh cabbage juice and mix with a spoon of honey. Eat or drink all this before going to bed during 1 month". During this month I did the exercise mentioned above every day. Now I sleep much quieter and don't bother anyone with snoring.
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