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How to get rid of cockroaches

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    Bait: 10 percent of boric acid mixed with 90 percent of the filler. Use mashed potatoes, biscuit crumbs, cereal or egg yolk as a filler. This "delicacy" is deadly for cockroaches. Moreover, if you add the yeast you can be sure that the insects try to eat this.
    Trap: Put a piece of white bread soaked with beer at the bottom of a jar (cockroaches are absolutely crazy about the beer smell!!!). Tie a bandage round the neck of the jar and soak its end with beer. Put the jar on the floor so as the end of the bandage is on the floor as well. Cockroach smells the beer and get into the jar through the bandage but cannot get out. For this, smear the neck of the jar with a thin layer of vaseline. Just do not overdo as a thick layer is a salvation for the cockroach. This method works well if there are many insects.
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