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Musical stairs as a way to get rid of overweight

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    It turns out that one can get rid of excess weight not only with the help of exhausting workouts and strict diets. The experience of Sweden, which occupies a leading position on the number of people suffering from obesity, shows that it is possible to get rid of excess weight easily.
    There are unusual musical stairs in Stockholm subway. The steps of such stairs look like piano keys and when one presses on them, they produce musical sounds.
    The innovation of Swedish authorities turned out to be extremely successful... people began to prefer the musical stairs to the escalator.
    This experiment shows that the entertainment acts on the human greatly. Wish to get some pleasure and joy makes a lazy person choose stairs and move forward to the fun.
    This can be a great idea for marketing initiatives. For example, such unusual stairs can lead directly to the door of some shops which want to increase the amount of visitors. According to statistics, the number of passengers who prefer the musical stairs-piano to escalators increased by 66%!
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