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  I've been thinking about this for some time. The potential is quite good but never the less I would like feedback about it. Here goes: i myself play the guitar and I feel the urge every once and a while to just take it out and play but those times come when I'm on a subway train or at school. The idea I plan is for a glove like device with maybe some kind of sensor on the finger tips which allows you to simulate plucking strings on one hand and fingering chords or individual strings on the other. A small device which controls the sound and sensors could possibly attach to a belt or backpack. Of course headphones should be used. It could be considered air guitar, but with sound. As a way to produce the sound the way your fingers touch your palm or are positioned in your hand could be an option. Though it may be considered cumbersome research could reduce the size and still be able to play effectively. Critisizm is much appreciated.
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