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Jeans that protect from pickpockets

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    A designer from India invented a unique jeans design, which helps to protect wallets from pickpockets.
    The main feature of these jeans is that there is a copper wire in their seams. The wire is connected to a special device consisting of capacitors, a 3-volt battery and a magnetic switch.
    This electric device is placed in a case and can be activated by the user at any time. Its mechanism of action is simple - once a thief feels about for the wallet in your pocket, he is immediately affected by electric shock.  There is a rubber gasket in the jeans to protect their owner from an accidental electric shock.
    These goods will be definitely in demand in the deprived areas of any city. However, wearing such jeans won't be allowed in all the countries. Of course, electric current doesn't kill anybody, but it can harm to the health, and hence there is the threat of criminal liability of the jeans owner.
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