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Cooling Scarves

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    An entrepreneur from Arizona decided to use polymers to create a product that literally saves human health, thanks to its cooling properties. He suggested sewing polymers inside the material and creating stylish scarves, which can cool in the hot weather.
    The principle of the cooling scarf is the following: when it becomes wet, polymers absorb moisture and through the natural process of evaporation create a cooling effect in the area of the carotid arteries, vessels of back and neck; body temperature drops, and blood pressure is stabilized.
    Such scarves have a number of advantages in comparison with other similar products:
      * Cooling effect lasts up to three days;
      * There is no need to freeze scarves before using;
      * To enable scarves you need only a bottle of water.
    That is why cooling scarves are so popular with people who work outdoors, policemen, street vendors, promoters, athletes, etc, as well as people who are susceptible to heat and suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
    Cooling scarves are made from 100% cotton, have a stylish design and long service life (up to 10 years). They are sold in REI stores at the price of $10.00.
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