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Book bag turning into an ergonomic seat

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    Manufacturers of book bags are constantly developing new convenient models, improving the design and functionality of the most important school attribute. The Concentrate Company invented a new and unique ergonomic school bag with a seat, which is hung on a chair not a desk.
    The main feature of Chairpadbag is that its ergonomic design allows you to make a chair more comfortable, and work in the classroom effectively. While unfold, a backpack turns into a seat on a chair and storage of school accessories; it is fastened with a special clasp on the back of the chair.
    The size of the Chairpadbag is standard: 11.8'' x 13.8'', which makes it versatile and suitable for any school furniture. The price of the backpack, which makes the chair more comfortable, is $30.
    By the way, the Chairpadbag may fit well to any plastic chairs, which are in large numbers in fast food restaurants, and where children and students like to eat.
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