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What if your belongings could TALK

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  I lose things all the time. My cell phone, the remote, my purse, all sorts of objects are constantly squirting out of my grasp and getting lost, and I then spend countless hours searching... okay it's not that extreme, but it is annoying to lose stuff in your house and wander around looking for it.
  The product I imagine is a small round device with a button and a tiny speaker, with some adhesive on the back, you could peel and stick onto any item you are always losing. It uses voice recognition software similar to the way your cell phone can dial off voice commands. You hit the button to program it with that item's name. Or you could name it anything you like - name your purse Louis if you are so inclined. Then your item would be able to call out to you to aid in your search. You could call out "remote?" and your remote would either beep or answer back "here I am!". I imagine selling a package of these on TV commercials ("operators are standing by") for one lowlow price.
  I have seen a similar product sold by Sharper Image, but it didn't use voice recognition, and it had a base unit which was enormous, and the tags to apply to your belongings were huge. Maybe technology can't make it small enough...
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