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Car Heater

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  This invention solves a problem I have for a long time. Often in my life I have noticed this all winter, after we have a snow storm. It is hard to take off the snow from my automobile. This invention, if developed, creates a solution to that problem. Now I present to you with a solution. How can we melt the snow from the car?
  I want to describe the parts that are in the invention. It is like the little stickers on the back of the car, almost every car have this in the windshield. We can put this . inside the car, in the hood, fenders, covers etc. Then the automobile became warm, the metals of the car and this melt the snow. This. will be connected with the central heating.
  After I thought of this invention, I choose an appropriate reward. I would like a sample.
  Ana Maria Pino
Maria Buenaño
Luis Idrovo
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