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  Since I was a little girl I've read at night or something, and not wanted to get up and turn off the light. I also am very short at 5 feet 1, and it's very difficult for me to reach things on high cabinets and such. I've dreamed of an electronic "reacher" that would turn off the light for me, and grab things that were too far for me to reach. So this is the idea I bring today. An electronic hand that is activated by a control panell on the base like a remote control. It would extend up to 10 feet on command, and grab, or turn off anything you needed or wanted it to. It would be small enough to carry in your purse or book-bag, like an umbrella, and always be there to do what you can't, or don't want to do. A miracle the short and lazy people have been praying for.
Jacy Morris
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