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Electronic LED Music Displayer

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  I used to play a violin in a school orchestra for several years, and I am an amateur piano player. By far the most frustrating thing I've encountered as a musician is, you have to turn pages in the middle of playing a song. This can be very inconvenient and interruptive of the music's flow, especially if you lose your place and have to re-adjust the music's position, page number, etc.
  My idea is, why not invent an LED display that has a foot pedal and that displays entire pieces of music, one page at a time? The foot pedal would turn the electronic "page" for you, eliminating the need to stop playing temporarily to turn the page. Orchestras would greatly benefit from this sort of thing.
  I think it's an idea whose time has come. Turning electronic pages with a foot pedal is so much more convenient than turning them by hand.
Bill L. Winder
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