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  I know DVD readers use a laser to sense minute fluctuations on the disk to transfer them electronically into a signal. So my idea is to have multiple layers on each side of the disk. You would then have to have a reader which knew which layer it was reading and could avoid the signal from the others. You would also have to have a disk made to where the actual fluctuations on the disk could be picked up by the laser, or could be looked through so to speak to the other layers. For instance have the marks about a quarter the width so the laser can still see it, but it also still has three quarters of the laser looking beyond. Some DVDs can hold about 7 gigabytes of information. With both sides having multiple readable layers, there is no telling how much information you could store on one disk depending on the layers. You could then store almost every song you have on a cd on one disk, or store multiple movies on on DVD. I am no engineer, but it seems plausible considering our technology abilities.
Joel Sauber
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