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Egg White Hard Boiled Egg Mold

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  I thought it would be great to have some sort of mold or casting, (possibly made out of silicone) that you could pour egg whites into, drop in a pan of boiling water, and when they are done, you have a pure egg white boiled egg. The silicone casting would have to open two ways. First, by a little hole in the top of the egg mold that is big enough for you to pour the egg white into, and cap closed tightly. Secondly, it would have to open on the side longways down the egg, to take the egg out after it is done cooking and cooled down. This opening would have to stay sealed tight when closed. I searched for a product like this online, and found nothing. Is it possible that this could be done, for those of us that like hard boiled eggs but don't want the cholesterol from the yolks and don't want to throw the yolks away every time we eat one? Possibly if these sold, they would come in a pack of six.
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