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  Medical information is life! I would like to have all of my info (med's, dr phone#, allergys, conditions, etc.) on a SD chip these are the little 1/2 by 1/2 inch chips in digital camers and palm pilots that store information. They can hold 128 megs which in the right media is my life story's worth. Then if something happened to me the emt could pop it in his palm and know all they need inc. my insurance co. and who to call and what my needs may be. I could wear it around my neck or in a charm on my key chain. Not too big, but easy to find and easy to update on my pc. It could save time in a new dr.'s office, and could be the new standerd for hospitals, too. This would be current info to help save a life. Think about all the lives and time this could save.
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