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The Best Childrens Hospital in the World

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  All too often, when a child is critically ill with a terminal or life threatening illness, families are divided. Siblings are taken away from the sick child, and parents struggle to find a place to sleep in their child's room at the hospital, or worse, must leave their child for the night to get a decent amount of sleep. Children need their parents, especially when they are sick and may never get better. I propose a children's hospital that also offers types of hotel rooms for parents. The hospital should have themes to every room, to make the hospital less scary, games and entertainment rooms, and maybe even a mini theater. This hospital would not be for kids who were just sick for a few days. This hospital would be for very very ill children, like kids with cancer, cystic fibrosis, or other illness that threaten their lives for a long period of time. While they would still be treated at the hospital with chemo and what not, the hospital would also focus on treating their souls and their minds, and fostering the joys of childhood, inside the hospital walls. Or, someone could just invent a cure for cancer!
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