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New Baby Seat (3 ideas)

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  On long trips, my active son is strapped into a car seat for many long hours. He would LOVE to stand up, but, of course, that is dangerous when driving. That and other things have made me do some thinking about baby seats. I have three ideas...
  First, when my son goes to sleep, the seat tilts so little, that he must literally go to sleep sitting up. It would be nice if the seat could really adjust so that he could be in a more prone position.
  Second, to strap my son in, I must go through some more process. Get this seatbelt buckle aligned with this one, put them together, plug them into the receptacle, etc. Why not have a SINGLE STEP baby seat? This not only allows you to get the baby strapped in quickly on those hot days... but allows you to get the baby out easily in an emergency.
  Thirdly, and this is the main one, why not use something like a mesh of seatbelt material to create a "safety cage" that allows a young child to stand up (in the back seat), actually move around, and so forth, but would keep him from going through the windshield in an accident?
  It would be kind of like a "soft" playpen, since the "cage" would be made of seat-belt material that is woven into a easy-to-see-through mesh. Further, the mesh would be held in place with the use of regular seatbelt buckles, which makes it very easy to close and open. The front of the cage could have a pillow-type material--kind of an already-deployed airbag in case of emergency. It could be machine-washable and so forth.
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