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National Database of Public Bathrooms

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  I know I am not alone in my disgust for the bathrooms of many businesses. I have pulled into gas stations with new pumps, the latest architecture, and so forth, only to find the dirtiest, nastiest bathrooms.
  I think a national database detailing bathroom cleanliness of particular establishments, as well as the publishing of those results in newspapers, etc.... would lead to some changes.
  The database should include detailed locations so people can specifically avoid such places. After all, what station wants to be listed as "Avoid at all costs!"?
  Someone needs to create a website that allows people to enter the name and location of a place and then select from a list regarding the cleanliness. For example: Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Unacceptable, White Trash, Living Filth, Utter Squalor, 7th Level of Hell...
  OK, I got carried away, but you get the idea.
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