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  Everyone loves drinking tea (USA) down south. I usually brew it in the coffee pot (simple). I want a built in automatic tea maker in the refrigerator. It already has the ice maker and water why can't it make tea? A simple coffee pot design but thinner to fit the width of the door (the right side) the one not being used, a removeable washable urn or container (2-3) so it can be washed while the other is in use. A simple container for the tea bags (washable). A coffee pot has a very simple small motor, use the same for the indoor tea maker. You can add the sugar in the washable container before you put it in place to be brewed. Or you can place the sugar under the tea that is brewing (hot) and it will melt as the tea brews. It really shouldn't use any more electricty than it already is! It should take about 6 min. automatically add the water and then automatically start getting cold. It should also be despensed just like the water and ice. Everyone in the south will have to have one!
Kay Smith
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