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Telepresence Hologram

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  Commuting to work requires too much time. It would be nice if I could have a telepresence hologram that I could walk around the office with. It would give me audio and video and I could use it to type my commands onto the computer at work. For example, if I type something on my computer at home the telepresence would enter it in the computer at work.
  The hologram would be an image of me in a dress suit (even if I'm in my underpants) and could stand or sit, and if I desire, imitate my own movements at home. I could go to meetings and the hologram would sit in a chair and talk and look around the room. I could perhaps even have greater scope of vision because I could use the telepresence hologram to look in all directions.
  This invention would save millions of hours in commuting time.
Mark T.
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