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Insect catcher for your insect-eating pets

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  May not be a BIG market for such a device but I haven't seen one out there (yet) that does what my idea does here.

What's this for? - Anyone with any kind of insect-eating pet (animal, mammal, insect, etc.) that wants to supplement their pet's food supply or even save more money from purchasing insects from their local pet stores.
  What is it? - A simple device that catches live flying insects (in healthy ways) and can be used to transport the flying insects to your pet's cage for some din, din. I have created some prototypes that work (sometimes too good). BUT of course you would have to be in a climate that offers such flying insects (many kinds) in volume.
  How to create this insect catching? - Use your imagination! It can be built in many simple ways. But you have to like doing this type of stuff (creating new things). And I think that it's only fair not to give you all of the details here because I will need place over 200+ words in describing how to create this device (the way that I did it). Based on the info here, someone (who's interested) should be able to do it.
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