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Accommodation for the homeless

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  This system will bridge the gap between homelessness and working class. It's a system where people can work for a few hours and in return are given points they can exchange for accommodation. There are 300,000 homeless people of working age in England even more in the US. My inspiration has come from homeless people that work in third world countries. Local businesses that contribute will outsource work to the homeless on a minimum rate per hour bases. The work could be carried out at a local center not far from the accommodation and the homeless population. The type of work could vary from sorting, packing, stripping, cleaning, making furniture etc. 3-4 hours worth of work equals one room for the night. The quality of work will be monitored and the more hours completed the more points they get added onto their account.
  Homeless people want a place where they can stay safe, warm with privacy and freedom. This block of apartments will give them that. The place will have a check in, security and cleaning system similar to hotels. The room sizes will be similar to student accommodation as well as shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. To keep the cost low the rooms will be somewhat plain. The place will separate females from males and couples.
  This system could even be a business that makes a little profit. Local businesses that get involved will benefit by recognition and low cost labor, and the homeless get good night sleep feel better overall.
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