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Giant Plane Safety Parachute and Balloon

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  Many people these days fear for their lives when travelling on planes due to the fact that thier safety and emergency features just aren't good enough.
  Some planes have two engines some have only one. Let's say all the engines are down. The plane usually goes crashing to the ground due to engine failure.
  Maybe if i design some kind of giant parachute twice the size of an airplane which can be opened during an emergency which would help the plane glide safely to the ground.
  In case of emergency landing on water.
  To prevent the plane from crashing into the water. the parachute will first help slow down the pace of the aircraft and allow pilots to control the landing angle.
  A giant air bag which can be designed to blast open at the bottom of the plane so it stays afloat the ocean upon landing.
  And even if the plane does crash into the water, if the impact didn't split the plane, the baloon at the bottom will bring the plane to the surface of the water.
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