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Automatic Speeding Waring System (ASWS)

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  You will propably have heard that the "Electronic Stability Control" will be installed in most of the 2007 model cars and trucks, to serve as a standard safety feature to boot-up the vehicle safety rate, and it is promised that it lowers your car insurance rate as well.
  But wait, the ASWS would even go further and be the best additional safety feature for both, driver and public. I want every new car in the future be equipped with the ASWS device which prevents speeding motorists from breaking speed limits on all public roads.
  This smart GPS like unit can be installed in any car with or without the NAV system. The unit will recognize the road name and the speed limits on it; then start monitoring the vehicle speed. The monitoring process is similar to an automatic speed-volume control system in most new car stereos - "louder if car goes faster". If the vehicle exceeds more than ten mph of the given speed limits, it gives one warning to slow down. If the driver is continuing with the same speed or breaks the limit a second time on the same road, the ASWS will issue a ticket announcement and send that information to the county or state department of traffic enforcement accordingly. The official traffic violation letter will following by mail.
  Further more, this unit also reports to the closest emergency authority, if the vehicle air-bag is activated in an accident. This will work just like an on-star system. I know, most of you do not like this new technology, because you are a good driver, but think of it as an additional safety feature that will save you car insurance money and increase public road safety, as well as the diver's. It also increases the Police Department resource, since they don't have to worry much about traffic patrol.
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