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Efficient medicine chest

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    To be sick is human but not all indispositions require attention and expensive doctor's help. Sometimes it is enough to find a pill in a medicine chest and take it. For me this can be a real trouble as it is difficult to remember all pill names and their prescriptions.
    I suggest sorting pills and putting them in different boxes with inscriptions such as:
    * "Help, I Have a Headache" box with paracetamol pills;
    * "Help, I've Cut Myself" box with antiseptic plaster;
    * "Help, I Have a Blister" box with colloid plasters;
    * "Help, I Can't Sleep" box with diphenhydramine;
    * "Help, I Have an Aching Body" box with ibuprofen;
    * "Help, I Have Allergies" box with loratadine.
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