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Advanced Motorcycling Helmet

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  Here is an idea that deals with moterycycling safety for both the rider and pedestrains: a helmet with a built in computer, motion sensor and head-up-display unit (HUD).
  The purpose of the equipment:
  The Motion Sensor - Detects motion ahead of the rider's position.
  The Computer - Using the data provided by the sensor, the computer sends the co-ordinates of the moving object to the HUD.
  The Head Up Display Unit - The HUD projects the moving target onto the visor for the rider to see, this information is constantly updating in real-time. The object is constantly tracked using a sqaure reticule like this >>> [x]
  A human being can oft-times lose the ability to pay 100% attention to what is going on around him/her, specially if the individual is tired. If a system like this could provide accurate information regarding moving targets ahead of a motercyclist both via visual warnings and audio warnings, this could up the ability of the rider to avoid collisions with obstacles including pedestrians.
  A system like this could probably react one million times faster than a human and could give a rider that extra bit of time to avoid a serious incident. A similiar system could be made for cars.
  Well... maybe not this year but maybe in the future
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