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Bucket pin extractor

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  A lite weight device used to remove bucket pins from heavy equipment (excavators, backhoes, etc). The device could simply be clamped on to the boom or attached with leverage such as a gear puller, and would work on the same idea, mechanical leverage pushing on a wormgear of sorts, similar to tightening a vise that would easily push out or assist in inserting heavy, stubborn bucket pins, without 2 people and without constantly running to the machine to adjust. Product would be available in different sizes, according to machine weight, size, etc. Also in manual or air powered. Contractor could simply purchase one device for his largest machine and it could also accomodate all smaller sizes. Would be collapsible and could store in toolbox on machine or truck. Anyone who knows what I am talking about will understand the labor and time this device could save. If anyone is interested in this idea, I could probaly send them some rough CAD drawings.
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