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Method of Formation Control Recording for 3D Prote

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  The best tool of reproduction of the information is an alive cell. The cell is meant to be an ideal place of storage and rewriting of the information.
  All complex chemical and biological processes proceeding in a cell, are operated by spatial regulation processes. These processes are responsible for all future architecture of a cell, starting from formation of tertiary structure of fibers, up to an arrangement of all structural formations of a cell, bodies and a biological organism as a whole. The method of storage of this information can be record interference pictures of short wave packages as alternating minima and maxima as repeating elements of identical length and structure of sub-units DNA.
- the length of a wave depends on length of an element;
- the length depends on amount of recurrences wave sets;
- the direction of formation of wave fronts from each other depends on a spatial arrangement of sites of wave packages in tertiary structure DNA, so also formation of a picture of a wave field of volumetric "image".
  The wave field generated DNA supervises formation of tertiary structure of created fibers. The wave field of tertiary structure DNA supervises borders of body, thus each cell(cage) "Knows" the spatial arrangement. Quaternary structure DNA forms architecture of all organism.
  As indirect acknowledgement of the given hypothesis presence phantom the image of the amputated finitenesses of the person can serve at special ways of reception of such images.
Yuriy Petrovich Grabkov
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