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Adjustable Sink

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  Have you ever noticed that bathroom and kitchen sinks are installed at the lowest possible level? That is, the "average" short person can reach them easily. Well, you tall folks already know where I'm going with this. After bending over and washing a boatload of dishes for half an hour, your back gets really sore! I know we tall people can use this as a convenient excuse for NOT having to do the dishes, but let's be honest - how often do you really get away with that one? Right! You have to do it anyway.
  So I thought it would be a great idea to rip out my old sink and install the ADJUSTA-SINK in its place. This would have a small foot pedal near the floor which would operate a hydraulic lift and allow for adjusting the height of the sink to one's particular comfort level. Below the counter surface there would be extra-long flexible hoses for water supply and drainage. A movable seal around the edges prevents water from the surrounding counter from leaking into the cabinets below.
Dick Wadd
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