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Automatic Whole-Body Sun Screener

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  The problem is old and unsolved: You're going to the beach with your kids. The sun is blazing and before you can say "sh..!" your darlings have a sunburn. First, because you are busy with unpacking. Second, because you are staring at the handsome/cute bay watchers. Third, because you simply forgot the sunscreen-bottle/your responsibilities.
  The solution: The automatic sun screener. A walk-in-machine with six to eight showerheads from toe to temples. You sacrifice a coin into a slot. Choose the sunscreen you prefer, put on a shower cap, close your eyes before the beep and - voila - get sprayed in less than three seconds. A short blow-dry session will clean off the remaining sunscreen. And you're ready for a cunning day at the beach.
Tobias Micke
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