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The Chameleon Egg Cooker

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  Don't tell me you don't know the oldest family problem of the 20th century! Mom wants her breakfast egg soft, almost raw, Dad wants his egg as close to a stone as possible - rock-hard. And you, well, like every normal person, would like yours somewhere in the middle. 20th century egg-cookers do not provide this comfort: Either you'd have to breakfast at different times or you'd have to do it the old-fashioned unreliable way with the chance of cracking a shell or two in the hot-water boiling-pot. The ultimate solution is - the "Chameleon (Egg) Cooker"!
  This very practical device looks almost like a normal, genuine egg-cooker. Only, that the lid has different sections that can be lifted individually to place and remove up to six eggs on demand. A timer adapted to an individual egg-sensor would register each egg and the individual client's cooking desires. All the eggs would start cooking at the same time. The cooker would then play a special, adjustable mummy-melody when mom can take out her egg. Then you would hear Guns'n'Roses or so when yours is done. And finally daddy's little rock would respond to Beethoven's second. - Voila!
  In the first improvement phase ("Chameleon Cooker II") one might find a way to place all eggs at the same time and start cooking them at different times so that all the eggs would be ready for breakfast simultaneously.
Tubbs Mc Gee
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