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Yellow light crossing line

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Don't you hate how the time that a yellow light at an intersection veries from light to light intersection to intersection. You think you have enough time to go through the intersection on a yellow light but you end up entering on a red light because the light changed quicker than you thought... Here is the sullution... when approaching an intersection that has stoplights there should be a yellow line painted on the road that would act as a guide line. If the speed limit in that area is lets say 40 mph and you are traveling 40 mph and the light changes yellow and you are crossing the yellow line at the same time or have crossed it already then its safe to just keep going without running a red light. But lets say you are going 40mph and the light turns yellow but you still have not made it to the yellow line yet (maybe its still a few feet in front of you) then you will know to stop or you will be running a red light. or another variation could be a blinking yellow number light 3...2...1 or just a blinking yellow without the numbers blink.......blink.......blink
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