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  Adventure Travel Agent business. Turn your passion for travel and love of adventure into a business that lets people live their dreams.

  Business Overview

  How about ice-climbing in Finland, deep-sea fishing off Australia, base-jumping in Africa, or a Mayan ruins tour in a hot-air balloon? Have fun and earn incredible profits arranging the adventure of a lifetime for clients by starting a specialty adventure travel agency.
  Forget about run-of-the-mill tours of Paris and those mundane amenity-packed hotels in the Caribbean, and concentrate instead on your client's need for adventure by offering the most unique vacation adventures available.
  To get started, market the adventure vacation packages in company newsletters and online chat rooms, advertise in specialty sports and recreation publications, exhibit at sports and recreation shows, and use e-mail broadcasting. Once established, repeat business and referral business should go a long way toward attracting a steady flow of profits. Speaking of which, income is earned either by charging clients a fee for organizing the adventure trip, or by charging host companies and accommodation providers a fee for marketing their accommodations and activities to your clients. You can charge for both, but you will need to establish a standard pricing formula.
  With a little imagination, motivated entrepreneurs can earn a substantial living arranging adventure vacations for people who are seeking something out of the ordinary. This can be especially fulfilling if you also share the same enthusiasm for adventure travel and recreation.
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