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Apartment Preparation Service

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  Apartment Preparation Service business.

  Business Overview

  By offering a full line of services that includes painting, carpet cleaning, minor repairs, and trash removal, you can help busy landlords and property managers, properly prepare an apartment for rental, making sure it's in great condition and able to demand top dollar. Advertise your apartment preparation services in traditional ways utilizing newspaper and fliers, as well as by joining landlord associations and contacting property management services. On average, you should be able to charge in the range of $25 to $35 per hour, plus materials and markup. The benefits to landlords are obvious: the better the condition of the apartment, the higher the rent will be, probably attracting a more conscientious renter. And of course, there will be much less work for the landlords. In short, landlords will easily recoup your fees and more through higher rents. You will need to invest in suitable transportation and equipment such as ladders, steam cleaners, and vacuums, but these are all relatively inexpensive and an investment of less than $10,000 will be more than sufficient.
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