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Graffiti Removal

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  Graffiti Removal business. Love your neighborhood? Keep it spic and span with a graffiti removal service.

  Business Overview

  Look anywhere and you're sure to find graffiti'walls, sidewalks, signs, and fences'making a graffiti removal service a very timely and in-demand start-up. Removing graffiti does not require a great deal of work experience. In fact, it can be learned on the job through trial and error. The market is unlimited, largely untapped, and is constantly being renewed so there is lots of upside growth potential. The only equipment required is a portable pressure washer (water) and perhaps a portable sandblaster, but in recent years most graffiti removal services have been getting away from sandblasting because of the potential to damage surfaces. Regardless, both machines can be conveniently mounted on a trailer for easy transportation to and from job sites. Likewise, both can also be rented as needed to help keep initial start-up costs to a minimum, and then purchased from the profits the business earns. One marketing option is to visit businesses that are often the victims of graffiti vandalism and offer them a low-cost graffiti-removal solution. Provide clients with a monthly graffiti-removal option in which, for a fixed monthly fee, you'll check in once a week to see if there's any new graffiti to be removed. If new graffiti is present, you simply remove it. If no graffiti is present, you move on to your next client's location.

  The Market

  In addition to business owners, graffiti removal services can also be marketed to schools, libraries, homeowners and just about any other location with graffiti problems.

  Needed Equipment

  A portable pressure washer, portable sandblaster and trailer to haul it all around.
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