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  House Sitting business. Take care of homes when their owners are away with a house sitting service.

  Business Overview

  Who might need a house sitter? Surprisingly, quite a few people, including people going on vacations lasting longer than a week, traveling business owners and executives, as well as people whose homes are being renovated and who don't want to be there but still want their home to be occupied for security reasons, just to name a few. House sitters not only provide peace of mind and security, but they also look after watering the plants and lawn, feeding the cat, collecting mail, light housecleaning duties and taking care of any emergency situations that may arise while the homeowner is away, such as calling in a plumber if a pipe bursts. The next logical question is, Who would house sit? Many people, including students, singles, retirees, or someone looking for a change of pace, might be interested in house-sitting positions. You have a couple of options for how you establish a house-sitting service. First, you can operate as a referral service, bringing together people wanting house-sitting services and those who want to house sit. Second, you can employ house sitters on an on-call basis and assign them to jobs as they become available. Increasing revenues can be as easy as adding additional, but complementary services like pet sitting, dog walking, baby sitting referrals and a nanny service.

  The Market

  People going on vacation for more than a week, traveling business owners and executives as well as homeowners whose homes are being renovated and who are staying elsewhere.
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