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  Kayak Tours business. If you love being outdoors and on the water, start a business giving kayak tours.

  Business Overview

  Turn your passion for kayaking into a profitable full- or part-time enterprise by starting a kayak tour business. Offer outdoor enthusiasts various tour packages'a half-day beginners' course, a full day of paddling including basic training and lunch and weeklong paddling excursions including overnight campouts on islands and beaches. Ideal locations for this type of venture are coastal areas of the United States and Canada, as well as states and provinces surrounding the Great Lakes. Current rates are in the range of $65 per person for half-day tours, $120 for full day and $1,200 for weeklong tours inclusive of transportation, overnight gear and meals. Multiply these numbers by six and you have the potential to earn $3,000 per week and more having fun, enjoying your sport and living it up in the great outdoors.

  The Market

  Outdoor enthusiasts.

  Needed Equipment

  You will need to invest in five or six fiberglass or plastic touring kayaks and related equipment including life jackets, dry bags, spray skirts and paddles, as well as suitable transportation for six, and a trailer to carry the kayaks and gear.
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