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How to get rid of wax stains

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    * How to remove wax from solid surfaces.
    If the wax is allowed to cool completely, and if the surface isn't too porous, it will separate easily from a solid surface. Use a flat, prying device to work your way under the wax. Be careful so as not to damage the surface you are trying to clean. Some candle waxes contain oils and pigments that might leave a stain on a surface like wood. In those cases, place a folded paper towel over the stain and apply a steady heat, like that produced from a clothing iron. This should transfer some, if not all, of the remaining oils.

    * How to remove wax from cloth.
    First off, try scraping away as much wax as possible, taking care not to shred the fabric. Then, place several pieces of paper towel or paper grocery bag on either side of the wax stain and apply some heat to get the wax loose from the fibers of the cloth. Once an area of paper is saturated, repeat with a clean piece until no more wax comes out.

    * How to extract wax from your carpet.
    This can get very difficult depending on the length and color of the carpet's shag, as well as the temperature and color of the wax. The first step is to chill the wax down as much as possible. This will make the wax brittle, thereby reducing its hold on the fibers of your carpet. It should break up easily, and the majority of the wax can be removed all at once with a vacuum cleaner. It's the stuff that's soaked in deeply that will be difficult. Use a stiff brush to scrape it from your carpet.

    * How to get rid of wax that is stuck on containers.
    If you have a lot of melted wax in a cup of some kind, warming it in a hot water bath will melt the outer layers enough to get it to free itself from the surface of the container. If you used a plate, try placing it in the freezer before scraping the wax off the surface.

    * How to remove wax from your skin and hair.
    Wax will generally peel off our skin pretty easily because of the oils our skin produces. Treat as you would any minor burn; run cold water over it for ten minutes and apply a burn cream or aloe vera. If the wax is stuck in the hair, try chilling it to make it easier to break up. Another approach is to work baby oil, mineral oil, or olive oil into the wax to soften it.
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