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Line Painting

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  Line Painting business. It's a simple concept, but someone needs to do it -- painting and repainting lines.

  Business Overview

  Help give your fellow humans the directions they need by starting a line-painting service. Line painting is needed in parking lots to delineate spaces, show handicap zones, directions, and reserved parking areas. Line painting is also needed for sports fields and running tracks, temporary marking for special events, and for interior uses such as marking zones and directions in warehouses and factories. In all, an initial investment of less than $10,000 will get you started. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to earn in excess of $25 per hour on a full- or part-time basis. Line painting is also an easy skill to learn and the service is always in demand.

  The Market

  Customers include commercial property owners, property managers, developers, and warehouse owners, as well as sports field and running track contractors, paving contractors, sports clubs, and schools.

  Needed Equipment

  Walk-behind paint-striping machines for both pavement- and turf-marking are available at a relatively modest cost, in the range of $1,500 to $5,000, along with reusable stencils for marking. You will also need a truck or trailer to move the equipment from job site to job site and a power washer or blower to clean surfaces before applying traffic paint.
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