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Golf handicap calculation

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    A handicap is used in golf to measure how golfers can play at an even field. This considers differing abilities and skills level and providing these golfers the opportunity to play against each other ensuring that variables are kept fair.
    Follow the steps below, identify your golf handicap and work on improving your performance.

    1. Take note of your scores. Track this by keeping record of your stats. You need to get the scores of the previous five rounds that you have played. Take note that these rounds should at least have eighteen holes each.

    2. Keep track of your scorecards. Keeping your scorecards allows you to easily track your performance. The scorecard reflects the course slopes and the ratings that you got when you played for these instances.

    3. Do the math. Now do a simple subtraction operation: your score on the given course minus the course rating. The next thing you need to do is to multiply it to 113. The product should then be divided by the course slope. The result that you get here is called the handicap differential. This is used in the computation of determining your handicap index.

               Formula as a whole: (Your Score - Course Rating) * 113 / Slope Rating

    4. Identify your handicap. Look at five differentials and take the lowest one. The lowest differential is then multiplied by .96. The result is your golf handicap.
Dr. Gibbson
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