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Reglazing Surface

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  Reglazing Surface business. Make home items look like new with a reglazing service.

  Business Overview

  Whether it's bathtubs, sinks, showers, tub surrounds, clawfoot tubs, or tile, most bathroom fixtures and surfaces can easily be reglazed, and these services are in high demand throughout the country. Why? Lots of reasons, including:
  *. Reglazing costs up to 75 percent less than replacement.
  *. There's zero mess and no need to renovate or call in a plumber, because fixtures are not removed, but reglazed in place.
  *. It's fast and convenient. Tubs and sinks can be used the same day of application.
  *. There's a wide range of available colors, including faux marble and granite finishes.
  *. Slip-proof safety coatings are available for seniors, kids, and people with disabilities.
  Equipment and training is readily available, especially if you opt to purchase a franchise as a complete package, or purchase equipment and products from suppliers like Midwest Chemicals that also provide reglazing training and ongoing workshops. The business can be managed from home and operated from a van with no more than a cell phone.

  The Market

  In addition to homeowners, potential customers include contractors, property managers, and landlords. Spreading the word through realtors is a great way to get referral work.
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